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Fits Your Business to a Tee.

Printing doesn't get any smaller or lighter: Introducing the Intermec PR2 (2-inch) and PR3 (3-inch) Durable Mobile Receipt Printers. Made to be worn all day and never get in the way. Built to capture payments and print hundreds of invoices on a single charge. Designed for maximum efficiency, with innovative smart-battery monitoring and compatibility with Intermec's modular FlexDock charging system for mobile devices. They're the quickest-to-print, easiest-to-use, simplest-to-deploy solution that you've been asking for.

Intermec PR2 and PR3 Printers: The new standard in comfort.



Field Service

Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear in and out of the truck, and optimized for uses such as invoicing and payment capture.

Direct Store Delivery

Designed to be worn all day without complaint, amplifying your efficiency in route-accounting and pre-sales.

Mobile Point of Sale

The lightest, most compact, mobile printer for secure payment capture, receipts, and electronic ticketing.


Small size and weight make PR printers perfect for day-long use in parking citations and moving violations.



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