Intermec SuperSeries Printers        
PC43t Super Flexible. Super Intuitive. Super Easy

The Industry's Best Communicating Printer.

Intermec PM43 / PM43c printers don't just phone home – they connect with you wherever you are. Get up close and personal with the most responsive industrial touch-screen printer available, or manage it from literally anywhere via the unique web interface using your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

The PM43 / PM43c is the easiest printer you've ever deployed or used: A vibrant interface that communicates in 10 languages or via universal icons; innovative "no-touch" configurations; a rugged, tamper-proof design; and the industry's fastest all-day throughput.

The New PM43 / PM43c from Intermec: Printers You Can Always Get In Touch With… Even from 1,000 Miles Away.


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Distribution Center

Designed for "no-touch" configuration and non-stop industrial labeling of shelves, pallets, and boxes, managed on-site or remotely.


Built for intuitive, rugged, all-day use in labeling, shipping, and tracking products and packages.